About Allstar

Allstar Security & Consulting is a licensed, bonded and insured security company. Allstar provides high quality, professional security officers to the nightlife, hospitality, retail and special event industries. It is our absolute commitment to client satisfaction, attention to detail, superior customer service and unparalleled personnel that separate us from our competitors. We thrive on the praise and accolades we receive from our clients, and it’s because of them that we’ve been able to enjoy tremendous growth and success over the years.

Our Hiring & Training Process is Unique!

Security Training

According to many state standards, a person is only required to have a valid security guard license to legally work as a Security Guard. Allstar raises that standard. Our hiring managers review each applicant with careful consideration before accepting them. Once employed, guards will attend mandatory training in our offices before they are allowed to work in the field. After approximately 3 months of working in the field, guards are brought back into the classroom for situational role-play exercises and on-going training specifically tailored to the client site they have been assigned.

The following are some more of our distinguishing characteristics:

We are licensed and bonded by the Department of State
We maintain a comprehensive General Liability Insurance Policy
We provide outstanding customer service and are available 24/7
We filter our applicant pool to match our strict guidelines for employment
We complete a thorough background check on all employees
We have an actual office located in the heart of NYC
We have a fully functional and organized back office
We are a financially sound company and invest in our employees

We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.